Environment-9 Complete System

For enclosures in the following range:

Footprint: 1.5 to 10 m² (inside enclosure dimensions) 
Volume: 3.0 to 20 m³ (inside enclosure dimensions)

Precision air temperature control. The Præcis Environment-9 Complete System is a turnkey, precision air temperature control system tailored to your application.

We guarantee that the Præcis Environment will:
•    Maintain the temperature within your enclosure to at least 100 times
     better than the ambient temperature.
•    Provide long-term temperature stability without operator intervention.
     The ATCU screen displays the temperature in real time, and if it should
     go out of range, the ATCU will sound an alarm.
•    Be ideally customized to your requirements, including your choice of
      doors, walls, and additional controls that can include vibration
      isolation, cleanliness, and humidification.

The illustration below is a visual representation of the enclosure size range accommodated by the Environment-9.

Temperature Control Environment 9