Our business is simple.
We make ultra-precision temperature control systems
to improve precision engineering accuracies.

Designed for enclosures with a footprint up to 3 m², the Præcis ATCU-2 is ideally sized for diamond turning machines and metrology systems. 

Example: When attached to diamond turning enclosures, the ATCU-2 includes an air distribution system that delivers laminar air flow over the lathe. The illustration below shows a Precitech diamond turning enclosure with an ATCU-2 and a perforated back panel for air distribution.

ATCU-2 with Precitech Enclosure
  • Improve the accuracy for diamond turning and other precision instruments by eliminating dimensional changes due to thermal variations.
  • A Præcis Environment system can improve the accuracy of a high precision manufacturing process by a factor of two to ten.

  • Præcis Air Temperature Control Units (ATCUs) provide the best thermal stability in the business. Our prices are also the best in the business. Ask us for a quote.

We guarantee that a Praecis Environment system will maintain the temperature at the critical point within your enclosure to at least 50 times better than ambient.

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