Præcis Installations Example Gallery

Præcis designs and builds precision air temperature control and enclosures for a large variety of operations. This includes, but is not limited to diamond turning machines, optics, interferometers, atomic force microscopes, profilers, and metrology equipment. To fit this wide variety of equipment, the temperature control unit must be either retrofitted to an existing enclosure or an enclosure must be built around your existing equipment.

You can learn more about Præcis Products here:
Complete Environment | Ultra Precision Air Temperature Control Unit (ATCU)

Environment-5 Complete Systems.

The Præcis E-5 Complete system is our smallest, most versatile, precision temperature environment control system.

Environment-9 Complete Systems.

The Præcis E-9 Complete system is our mid-sized, precision temperature environment control system. The larger footprint and volume of the E-9 system allows it to be customized around pre-existing installations with ease.

Environment-18 Complete Systems.

The Præcis E-18 Complete system is our largest precision temperature environment control system. Large installations such as the Precitech's Drum Roll Lathe are best accommodated using the E-18 system.