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Installations: Retrofited Systems.

Præcis ATCU-9 Servicing Two Diamond Turning Machines:

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Application: Temperature control for two diamond turning enclosures. 


  • Præcis ATCU-9™.
  • Two commercial diamond turning enclosures.
  • Air distribution system that includes incorporates a plenum behind a perforated panel on the back wall of each machine enclosure.


The customer wanted to be able to control, using one Præcis ATCU, the temperature in each of two dissimilar enclosures. Praecis software allows the single ATCU to be easily switched from one enclosure to the other while simultaneously maintaining flow from the ATCU to both machines. The challenge was complicated by the fact that the parameters necessary for stable control were different for the two dissimilar enclosures.

The client understood that the temperature stability would be better in one enclosure than the other. 


Præcis connected one ATCU-9 to both diamond turning enclosures. Using Præcis-developed software, the operator, using the touch screen display, can designate the critical point in either of the two enclosures, making one ‘master’ and one ‘slave.' At any time, the operator can switch between the enclosures. 

The output of the ATCU was split equally between the two enclosures, and Præcis optimized the ATCU control parameters for each enclosure. Selecting one of the enclosures as ‘master’ set control feedback to the corresponding critical point and engaged that enclosure’s unique set of control parameters. In this manner either machine could be selected for best level of control..

While variations in temperature in the ‘slave’ enclosure were expected to be better than the local environment, the user was cautioned that performance in the slave would not equal that in the master—and that disturbances in the master (such as opening the door) could cause even greater temperature excursions in the slave.

Enclosure Sizes:

  • 1.8 x 1.8 x 2.0 m
    (W x D x H) (Exterior dimension).
  • 1.8 x 1.8 x 1.0 m
    (W x D x H) (Inside dimension).
  • Footprint: 3.24 m².
  • Volume: 5.0 m³.
  • Air Velocity: 0.15 m/sec.


The customer was happy with the Praecis solution. With it he could use one machine with excellent temperature control, while still holding good control in the other. When it came time to switch the better control to the former ‘slave,’ soak out time was minimized, and he could quickly come on line with control parameters optimized for that enclosure. Thus he was able to control the temperatures in two different machine enclosures, for little more than the cost of a single ATCU.

Temperature Control Results:

Master:  !00:1 over ambient.

Slave:  10:1 over ambient.

   Præcis       ATCU-9 attached to two diamond turning enclosures    .

Præcis ATCU-9 attached to two diamond turning enclosures.

    ATCU-9 controlling temperature of two diamond turning lathes.

 ATCU-9 controlling temperature of two diamond turning lathes.

   Perforated plenum wall allows ultra-precise thermal controlled air inside of diamond turning lathe.

Perforated plenum wall allows ultra-precise thermal controlled air inside of diamond turning lathe.

An excellent way to maximize return on investment in those instances when a lesser degree of control is acceptable in one of a pair of enclosures—while still allowing either machine to be controlled to a higher level. In this instance, a ratio in excess of 100:1 (room temperature variation:enclosure temperature variation) was achieved in the ‘master’ enclosure, while the ‘slave’ operated at a very credible 10:1.