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Senior Mechanical Engineer

Praecis, Inc., a small engineering firm specializing in millidegree-level air-shower temperature control of enclosures, is planning a move of its engineering, manufacturing and R&D facilities to the Ann Arbor area. As part of this move, Praecis is seeking a dynamic individual to manage its Ann Arbor operations, and to lead engineering efforts in support of individual projects and general R&D activities. 

Praecis enclosures are used for a variety of applications where temperature changes can cause unacceptable process variations. A typical example is metrology, where thermal effects are frequently the single largest source of error. Similar examples abound in manufacturing, wafer fabrication, astronomy, and the basic sciences.

After reviewing the position description, please fill out the form below. Alternatively, you can apply via email with a cover letter and resume attached:

Required Experience, Skills and Expertise

  • BS/MS/PhD in Mechanical or Electrical/Electronics Engineering or equivalent experience.

  • Excellent analytical skills, particularly in the areas of compressible fluid flow, heat transfer, and thermodynamics

  • Strong background in control theory, and the structuring, programming and application of commercial digital control systems such as those available from Opto22

  • Expertise in electro-mechanical design especially the design of complex HVAC systems.

  • Experience with project management tools.

  • Excellent communications skills (oral, presentation, and written).

Job Responsibilities:

The successful candidate will report to the Chief Technology Officer of theCompany. In this position s/he will be expected to be responsible for:

  • Design and analysis of high precision temperature control systems.

  • Researching new thermal management technologies.

  • Establishing a research and development agenda.

  • Management of Project Teams, each providing a Praecis solution for a client’s unique application.

  • Assisting the Marketing and Sales group with the development of new materials.

  • Programming commercial controls hardware for new or unique applications.

Praecis Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of race, gender, age, handicap, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, veteran status, or any other classification protected by federal, state, or local law.

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