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Environment-9 Complete System

Praecis Environment. The Præcis Environment-9 Complete System is a turnkey, precision-
controlled environment tailored to your application.

Enclosure size:  Footprint: 2 to 10 m² - Volume: 4 to 20 m³.

The illustration below is a visual representation of the enclosure size range accommodated
by the Environment-9.

Temperature Control Environment 9

Præcis Environment features.

  • Temperature control: The Praecis ATCU-9 maintains the temperature at the Critical Point
    to 0.003 °C.
  • Precise humidity control, cleanliness, acoustic attenuation, vibration attenuation, ESD,
    and other environmental factors
  • Customized enclosure or room with modular construction with your choice of doors, walls,
    and lighting.

Præcis Environment certification testing.

Præcis offers accredited laboratory certification testing to demonstrate compliance with design requirements.including national and international standards, industry standards and business-
specific standards. Praecis concludes all certification testing with compliant reports and
certificate, detailing test procedures test results with stated uncertainties.