Lease Precision Temperature Control

Praecis now offers a leasing option for Precision Air Temperature Control Units sold in the United States. Leasing Praecis ATCUs provide greater budgetary flexibility, making our technology affordable for any operation.

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The lease program is available only in the United States. Designed to offer flexibility for any budget, the ATCU can be purchased at any time during a lease at a reduced cost. Experience extreme efficiency in optical turning operations with use of the ATCU. Decrease scrap rate, speed up cutting times, and bolster measurable results to give your operation an advantage no other company can offer.

Our precision temperature control units are ideal for thermal stabilization for Diamond Turning Machines, Fly Cutters, Interferometers, and Optics. Benefits of precision temperature control include Significantly Lower Margin of Error, Decreased Scrap, Lower Overhead Costs, and Faster Turnaround Time.

The ATCU stabilizes the temperature in an enclosure by a factor of 50 or maintains stability up to +/- 0.005 ºC in environments with +/- 1.0 ºC, virtually eliminating errors caused by temperature variations. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center uses several ATCUs for their optics development.

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Precitech Freeform Diamond Turning Machine

Precitech Freeform Diamond Turning Machine

Atomic Force Microscope Environment

Atomic Force Microscope Environment