Air Temperature Control Unit-2

The ATCU-2 accommodates enclosure
Area: 0.5 to 3 m² and Volume1.0 to 6 m³. 


• We guarantee that a Præcis air temperature control system will maintain the air
   temperature in an enclosure to at least 100 times better than ambient.

• Præcis systems provide long-term thermal stability and do not require
  operator intervention. The ATCU screen displays the temperature in real time,
  and if the temperature should go out of range, the ATCU will sound an alarm.

• If your Præcis Environment system should need adjustment, Præcis provides
   remote tuning from its headquarters.



Thermal Stability at Critical Point (°C): ∆Troom/100
Set-point: Troom ± 2
Operating Conditions (°C): 18 - 24
Air Flow Rates (m³/min): 10 - 17 (Adjustable)
Sound Level (dBA): 63


Voltage (V): 208/230 ± 10%
Phase: 1
Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Max. Nominal Current - Cooling (A): 13
Max. Nominal Power Consumption (kW): 2.8
Breaker/Fuse Size (A): 10
Supply Power Wire Size (AWG): 1


Height: 1.49 m
Height without vent: 1.37 m
Depth: 0.86 m
Width: 1.00 m
Width without handles: 0.51 m
Weight (kg): 85
HEPA Filtration: Optional


Refrigerant Type: R-407
Refrigerant Charge (kg): 1.5