Our business is simple.
We make ultra-precision temperature control systems
to improve precision engineering accuracies.

Connecting two enclosures to a single ATCU is an excellent way to maximize return on investment.

Using Praecis control software, the user can select the critical point in either of the two enclosures, making one ‘master’ and one ‘slave.'

With a press of a button, the operator can switch the designated 'critical point' between the enclosures, conveniently allowing for tasks such as temperature soaking of the part before turning.

  • Improve the accuracy for diamond turning and other precision instruments by eliminating dimensional changes due to thermal variations.
  • A Præcis Environment system can improve the accuracy of a high precision manufacturing process by a factor of two to ten.

  • Præcis Air Temperature Control Units (ATCUs) provide the best thermal stability in the business. Our prices are also the best in the business. Ask us for a quote.

Success Stories: Who is using Praecis Environment Systems?