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Praecis Humidity Control Units (HCU) Overview 

Precision humidity control within enclosures. Praecis cutting-edge technology responds to the industry need for precise relative humidity control.

Præcis Humidity Control Units are available in a range of sizes accommodating desktop enclosures to cleanrooms. The Praecis HCU is an optional add-on for Praecis Environment systems.

Basic features:

  • High precision humidity control: Up to ± 0.3% RH around the relative humidity set point.

  • Fully integrated with Praecis Environment Air Temperature Control Units. The user has a single interface.

  • Operates on Praecis proprietary environmental control software.

  • Accommodates treated water of any quality a range of water characteristics including demineralised/deionised water with a conductivity of less than 1 µS/cm and softened water down to 0° fH.

  • Long-term humidity stability that does not require operator intervention. The 4.3-in touch screen displays the humidity in real time.

  • If your Præcis Environment system should need adjustment, Præcis provides remote tuning from its headquarters.