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Services + Support

Praecis provides the following services for all Praecis Environment products:

Customized Design
We design and customize our products to your application. Before selling you any product, we get to know your requirements and site conditions so that you will have a successful experience with our products. Your success is our success.

Installation and Validation of Specifications
Error-free installation is key to the overall success and profitability of your equipment. Praecis engineers install and tune every Praecis system at your location for a reliable, long-term solution to your environmental control requirements. We ensure that your new system meets your specifications before the installation is complete.

Comprehensive Warranty
Praecis’ comprehensive warranty contract, initiated at completion of machine installation, is all-inclusive, covering all aspects of machine during the first year of operation. This includes all parts, factory repairs, phone support, and field labor and is renewable for the life of the machine.

Technical Support
Praecis is always available to answer questions and provide phone support.  Because we design our system to run for long period of time without adjustment, we do not expect to hear from you very often. However, if you need our assistance, we are here to help you. Call +1.603.298.7677 or send an email to  We will get right back to you.

Remote Tuning
Praecis engineers can tune and adjust your system via the Internet. This would only be necessary if there is a change in your physical location, a major change in the critical point location, or a change in room temperature set point.  In a constant, stable, location, remote tuning should never be necessary.