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Installation Performance Reports

Præcis ATCU-9 services two diamond turning machines: 100:1 improvement in ‘master’ system and 10:1 in ‘slave’ system. February, 2018. View the PDF (530k).

Praecis Demonstrates 215:1 Improvement Over Ambient Temperature. January 21, 2016. View the PDF (530k).

Praecis Demonstrates 100:1 Improvement Over Ambient Temperature in Warm Environment. January 20, 2016. View the PDF (408k).

Praecis Demonstrates a 544:1 Improvement Over Ambient Temperature. June 6, 2015. View the PDF (141k).

NASA: Temperature Control of a Metrology Station for Next Generation X-Ray Optics. Sept 23, 2013. View the PDF (326k).