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Stabilize temperature, gain precision.

Air temperature control to 0.01 p-v (± 0.005) °C.
We scale our systems to your needs.

Praecis Environment:
Complete high-precision climate control.

State-of-the art environment control systems including Praecis precision temperature control.

  • Turnkey custom design and installation.
  • System engineering from concept to certification.

Praecis Environment rooms are engineered to maintain precise conditions including temperature, humidity, pressure, cleanliness, acoustic attenuation, vibration attenuation, ESD, and other environmental factors.

Each Praecis Environment system is customized to the application.

Some of our clients:  3M, Aerotech, Ametek, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Coherent, Johnson and Johnson, Konica Minolta, India Space Agency, NASA, nanoPrecision Products, NiPro, OPCO Laboratory, Physik Instrumente, Precision Optechs, Precitech, Penn State, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, TNO.


Praecis ATCU:
Ultra-precision air temperature control.

Reduce dimensional changes due to thermal variations.

  • Maintains air temperature stability up to 0.003 °C.
  • Provides the best thermal stability in the business.  

Præcis uses a laminar-flow air shower to hold the temperature at the critical point in the work zone.


Success Stories: Who is using Praecis Environment Systems?