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How Our Systems Work

Præcis uses the laminar air shower to hold the temperature to a pre-set level at the desired critical point.

Configuration.  The Praecis Environment system consists of an Air Temperature Control Unit (ATCU), an enclosure, and ducting that connects the two systems:

  • The ATCU is a self-contained portable temperature control system for the precision control of air temperature in an enclosure.
  • The enclosure portion of the system confines the air sent by the ATCU. Præcis ATCUs (of different sizes) can accommodate enclosure footprints of 0.5 m² to 20 m².
  • Temperature sensors within the ATCU, ducting, and enclosure send signals back to the ATCU computer.

Air from the ATCU.  The ATCU connects to the enclosure via a single flexible duct. Fans in the ATCU push the air through the duct to the enclosure. Exhaust air from the ATCU vents via a flexible duct outside the room.

Air Shower.  Air enters the top of plenum and exits the plenum through perforated holes creating downward laminar airflow throughout the enclosure.

The air exits the bottom of the enclosure.

temperature control critical near point
simple atcu setup
laminar airflow