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NiPro Optics is a Southern California-based manufacturer of precision diamond-turned components for use in a variety of applications. 

"Using Precitech diamond turning machine's diverse capabilities, we manufacture complex geometries to demanding tolerances and specifications. We control as much of the process as possible—our capabilities include CNC machining, electrolytic high-phos nickel, and vacuum deposition of optical coatings.

As we recently discovered, however, we cannot control desert weather! Very hot days followed by cool evenings were affecting the quality of parts with long machining times.   

We first discovered an issue while raster fly cutting a component with a 12-hour finishing pass. It quickly became clear that our building air conditioning cycles were creating a temperature swing of 4 ºC in the work zone, and this was the source of our problem. 

Fortunately, after some research, we discovered a solution. Praecis manufactured an Air Temperature Control Unit and advertised dramatic reductions in fluctuations. We placed our order.

We could not be happier with the results. Today we hold +/- 0.02 ºC in the work zone with the help of this innovative system allowing us to meet almost any performance requirement and expanding our reach to new customers.

Even better, the quality of service matched the product excellence. After receiving the system, we asked for some help in tuning the ATCU to our harsh thermal environment. Dispatched to our aid immediately, a Praecis engineer spent several days at our facility, optimizing settings.

The Praecis ATCU ties directly to our ability to meet challenging goals. The importance of solving our thermal problems cannot be over stated—partnering with Praecis was a satisfying experience in every way from start to finish."

statement by tom gross, president, nipro optics

NiPro Diamond Turning Center

NiPro Diamond Turning Center

Thirteen-inch free form mirror.

Thirteen-inch free form mirror.