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Installations: Retrofited Systems.

Praecis ATCU-9 Precitech Retrofit Installation

Application: Precitech™ Diamond Turning Machine

Customer: Precitech


  • Praecis ATCU-9.
  • Precitech diamond turning machine and enclosure.
  • Porous fabric air distribution plenum suspended from the ceiling of the enclosure. Two 250-mm fabric cylinders run the length of the enclosure.

Enclosure Modification:

The client used the existing diamond turning enclosure and modifed it by cutting two 250-mm holes in the upper end of the enclosure to accommodate two ducts from the ATCU-5.  The client also added rails to support the ducting inside the enclosure.

Enclosure Size:

  • 2.1 x 2.3 x 2.0 m
    (W x Dx H) (Inside dimensions).
  • Footprint: 2.5 m².
  • Volume: 5.0 m³.
  • Air Velocity: 0.15 m/sec.

Dual duct air-distribution system within a diamond turning enclosure.

ATCU-9 Fabric Ducting Air Distribution

ATCU-9 Fabric Ducting Air Distribution