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Aww Man(ual)!

All technical writers know what it is like to cope with the frequent changes that occur in technical writing. From updating and reverting to rewriting and finding missing files.

Praecis Environment Ultra Precision Temperature Control Manuals

If the full printing process is done in-house then you may be familiar with some of the issues that can occur after writing Revision 4.2.3-1.4x7b.

Technical Writing Error 1
Technical Writing Error 2

Correct! The images above show a binding issue that occurred on the very last step! Binding twenty sheets of 36lb paper when the binding unit is designed for twenty sheets of 20lb paper. Mistakes happen, and so the saga continues… Reprint, reorganize, rebind… These steps are far easier written than done.

Once done creating a manual, all the hard work pays off from revision after revision and the end result is a beautiful book built from top to bottom by you (and maybe your team too).

Praecis Ultra Precision Climate Control Manual

The moral of the story here is that technical writing and user guides and manuals are an incredibly important part of technology. While you may not necessarily need a manual for your latest cellphone gadget, imagine if you boarded a SpaceX Dragon rocket that didn’t have a manual. It needs a manual, and so does just about everything else in the technology world. Never underestimate the manual, it may look simple but it too has it’s own nightmare and success stories.