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Humidity Control Unit-2

The HCU-2 accommodates enclosure:
Area: Up to 18 m²
Volume: Up to 34 m³


Ultra-Precision Humidity Control For Large Precision Operations.

  • Control the humidity of the point of interest up to ±1% RH around the Set Point. Accuracy of ±1% RH across a range of continuous modulation from 0 to 100%.

  • Præcis systems provide long-term humidity control without operator intervention.

  • Fully integrated with Praecis Environment Air Temperature Control Units. The user has a single interface via a laptop computer.

  • Real-time humidity information displayed on control panel display.

  • Accommodates treated water of any quality a range of water characteristics including demineralised/deionised water with a conductivity of less than 1 µS/cm and softened water down to 0° fH.

Configurable with E-9 and E-18 enclosure sizes.

Configurable with E-9 and E-18 enclosure sizes.

HCU-2 Specifications



Display panel:  Yes.
Monitor:  Laptop computer
Data storage: PC
Data recording format: Excel, text


Voltage (V): 24ac +10%/-15%
Phase: 1
Frequency (Hz): 50/60


Height:  0.888 m
Depth:  0.445 m
Width:  0.690 m
Weight while in use (kg): 97